Monday, June 14, 2010

My New Coupon Binder!

My wonderful MIL made the binder for me. I put in the sleeves. Interested in one? She is selling them for $25. This would make a great gift for the couponer in your life! Leave a comment with your email address if you are interested.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Shop N Save 12/17

Here was my SNS trip today- What fun! You can see the ad match-up here (thanks couponstl!) The ad is good for two weeks this time, but I don't plan on grocery shopping next week!

8.00 (8) SNS Cheese 8oz chunk ($1.50/2lbs. cheese IP)
1.50 (3) DelMonte Vegetables (.50/1 homemailer)
2.88 (6) Prairie Farms Yogurt (B2G1 Q)
5.76 (12) Jello Gelatin/Pudding ($1.25/3 tearpad Q)
1.50 Prairie Farms OJ ($1/1 OJ winetag from a coupon train)
3.34 (2) Bagel Bites ($1/1 Blinkie)
.88 SNS Whip Topping
1.00 Prairie Farms Onion Dip (.50/1 Q)
3.28 SNS (Velveeta) Cheese 2lb. ($1.50/2lbs. cheese IP)
3.72 (3) Philadelphia Cream Cheese ($1.25/3 tearpad Q)
5.00 (2) Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies ($2off wyb 2 Keebler Club)
7.92 (4) Keebler Club Crackers ($1/2 Q)
5.28 (6) Dole Pineapple Cans ($1/3 tearpad Q)
1.97 Healthy Balance Grape Juice ($1/1 Q)
52.03 Before Coupons
-10.00 Thursday $10/$50 Discount
- 5.00 Entertainment Book Q $5/$50
- 5.00 Catalina from last week
-25.71 Qs listed above
6.32 + Tax

I was also lucky to find the Keebler Club Crackers with the $10 Toy tokens on them. I only need 1 more token for a $10 toy rebate!! - Go Here to see details on this offer.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shop N Save Trip

Check out this week's ad matchups here

8.30 (5) Lean Pockets (3) .50/1, (2) .40/1 HM
4.62 (6) Kraft Easy Mac (2) $1/2 IP, (2) B1G1 IP
1.71 (3) Idahoan Potatoes (clearanced .48, .48, .75) .75/3 IP
2.50 (2) SNS Fruit Snacks
4.96 (2) Wheat Thins FREE wyb Ritz
4.96 (2) Ritz Crackers $1/1
1.20 (2) Mighty Dog FREE
6.67 (4) Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice 1.00/2
8.68 (4) DiGiorno for One - Thin, crispy $1.50/1
6.64 (2) Kraft Naturals Shreds, Chunks .50/1
1.44 Gum & Candy - Last minute!!
0.14 Cashier forced register b/c my total was negative
-10.00 Thurs. discount
-15.00 Catalinas from last week
-24.75 Coupons above
-1.78 Cashier scanned B1G1 Kraft Qs for the wrong items (That is why I had to grab stuff at the end and I still have a $1 cat left)
-.29 Tax???
.01 Total

Received the $5 cat and $20 rebate form from Kraft!!!

I forgot that the SNS cats take off tax too - so that is why I thought my total was negative. I didn't realize until typing this up that he put in the wrong amounts for my coupons.... I will probably try to pay them the difference next time I go in - I would want them to pay me if it was the other way around!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Target Deals today

I went to Target today to cruise the clearance deals and look for an anniversary gift for my dh.

5.00 (5) All Small&Mighty Detergent trial size
1.67 (1) Poptarts 8ct.
0.99 (1) Bounty Paper towel roll
1.74 clearance gift I found (copper - 7yrs!)
-5.00 (5) All $1/1 Mfg Qs
-.75 Target Q for Poptarts
-.55 Mfg Q for Poptarts
-.50 Target Q for Bounty
-.25 Mfg Q for Bounty
-1.00 Mystery coupon**
1.35 + tax

** I tried to purchase Kotex pantiliners $2.75 with a $2 target Q and a $1 Mfg Q. The cashier refused to adjust the Target Q, so I had her take it off the transaction. I am pretty sure that is how we ended up with an extra coupon???

Monday, August 10, 2009

ALL YOU - Grocery Challenge - Summary

Well, I didn't keep up my blog records on our challenge progress, but I did keep records of our experience so I will summarize it now!

Breakfasts $3.48 (QT coffees)
Lunches during the week $31.79
Dinner during the week $0.00 - we made dinner Mon-Thurs!!
Friday Dinner $8.67 (Little Caesars Pizza/Breadsticks)
Beer for guys night out $7.54
On Saturday, we went to the zoo and splurged on lunch $18, also spent $2.21 at the Gas station on the way to the zoo.
Saturday night - Chris and I had a date night at the mall. $9.26 for food, $0 for the movie tickets.
Sunday we went to a family BBQ - we purchased the buns $4.57 and I bought a soda for $1.05.

This week I shopped at ShopNSave on Thursday. We didn't really "need" anything this week, but My sister needed some items for a BBQ with her sorority so she asked me to help her plan the budget/shopping list. She only had about $30-$35 of items needed. Our grocery store gives a $10 discount on a $50 purchase on Thursdays. So, I added some items we could use to get the total to $50. We ended up with $59.87 in groceries before coupons. After coupons, the total was $24.39. Her sorority reimbursed me the $24.39 and I turned in the receipt for a $10 rebate. $10 money maker!!

Total spent on food Week 1 - $76.57

Breakfasts $7.22 (QT coffee, and a Hotzi the morning my ds was sent home sick)
Lunches during the week $21.22
Dinner during the week $0.00 - we made dinner Mon-Thurs again!!
Friday we had out-of-town family visiting and we treated them to our favorite - El Maguey's $30.38
Saturday we had a Poker event at our house and we ate from those goodies all day long. I did spend $4.05 on vegetable oil and marshmallows for baking. And I spent $3.78 on candy at Target for the tournament.

This week I shopped at ShopNSave on Thursday. All of the food for the tournament was reimbursed by the players. I split up the shopping list into two orders and I added some items we needed to get the totals to $50. We ended up with $102.60 in groceries before coupons. After coupons, the total was $69.04. I was reimbursed the full amount and I turned in the receipt for a $5 rebate.

We also spent $10.69 at Save-A-Lot on bread, milk, and fruit this week.

On Saturday, we picked up our Angel Food boxes (the standard box and the Fruit/Veggie box) that we had paid for last month $0.00

Total spent on food Week 2 - $77.34

Breakfasts $3.48 (QT coffees)
Lunches during the week $35.88
Dinner during the week $10.76 - Subway Monday - we made dinner Tues-Thurs
Friday night we had El Maguey's again $19.26 (my sister ate dinner with us too)
Saturday for lunch we had Wendy's $15.29 and for dinner we went to a Family BBQ - We got a soda and coffee from the gas station $1.85
Sunday - Grandma treated us to lunch after church - dinner was frozen pizza

This week I stockpiled Poptarts from Target - 13 boxes for $3.26
I also purchased Capri-Sun (5 boxes) from ShopNSave for $3.35 (these are part of a $25rebate)
We bought bread, milk, fruit, frozen pizza from Save-A-Lot $12.40

I went to ShopNSave on Thursday. We got $50.44 of groceries for $5.79 total after coupons!! I turned the receipt in for the Kelloggs Fuel For School Rebate of $10. $4.21 Money Maker!!!

Total spent on food Week 3 - $101.32 (a little over budget...)

This week we lost our groove! It was so VERY hot here over the weekend and even the thought of cooking was unbearable..
Breakfasts $3.48 (QT coffees)
Lunches during the week $28.19
Dinner during the week $10.85 - Subway Thursday - we made dinner Mon-Wed.
Friday night - Chris and I had a date night at Steak-N-Shake $15.20 (we forgot to use our $5 giftcard...)
Over the weekend, we spent $39.49 on food!! Ouch, no family BBQs or parties to spread the budget this week. I did purchase fruit at Schnucks on a giftcard from my sister's dad - that was a nice gift!

Thursdays ShopNSave trip - $53.47 of groceries, $17.65 after coupons and I received $16 in catalina's for next week!

I also placed next month's Angel Food order this week $28.00

Total spent on food Week 4 - $142.86 (whoops...)

What a Challenge! It is great to know we can do it if we put our minds to it. We just got really sloppy the last week. I think everyone needs a break sometimes. The coupon world can really be hard work!!

Great Give-A-Way!

Check out this great give-a-way my church is sponsoring:

Angel Food Ministries Give-a-way!!

Kim at was gracious enough to put our give-a-way on her site!

Ends Friday - hurry!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hurry - Target kids shoe clearance!

Target has kid's shoes on clearance up to 75% off! This is what I found today:

Size 9 and Size 6 Spiderman velcro lightup tennis shoes $4.24ea.
Size 8, Size 5 and Size 6 Transformers velcro tennis shoes $8.48ea.
Size 8 and Size 6 Sandals $3.74ea.

41.40 for 5 pairs of shoes!!!

My little one REALLY needed shoes and I hadn't found anything good for less than $12 yet!!